Attractive Scholarships Program

The scholarship schemes are designed to promote talented and dedicated students regardless of their financial ability to support their education. The number of scholarships awarded will be at the discretion of the Academy.

HiKKE provides many attractive scholarship programs for students depending on aggregated scores of Physics, Chemistry and Biology in respective syllabus (CBSE, IGCSE, TN State Boards, International, etc.)

100% Full Free Scholarship Program.
"I wish to express my deepest sense of gratitude to HiKKE Academy Personnel who have chosen me to award with the 100% full FREE Scholarship for the NEET Repeaters Program for the year 2019 – 2020. This award is a great aid to me. As a student, I highly value any form of generosity or contribution in support of my continuing education. Thank you, committee, for your willingness to support me and other HiKKE students in achieving our educational goals!"  .... Selvi  

HiKKE’s Scholarships Programs include 100% FREE, 50% OFF and 25%OFF. HiKKE Academy also offers special discounts to Schools tie-up with HiKKE for School Integrated Programs like Early Bird Offer, Welcoming Offer, etc.


  • Highly Qualified Faculties
  • Over 1000 e-Books & Test Papers
  • Congenial Learning Environment
  • Flexible Payment Methods
  • Highly Affordable Fees
  • Attractive Scholarship Programs

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