Summer Tuition / Summer Foundation

Summer Tuition / Summer Foundation

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Early Foundation for students aiming to get into Med/Engg

**HiKKE’s Summer Tuition Program builds strong academic foundation for those students going to Class X, XI, XII aspiring to take the entrance to professional courses in Medicine and Engineering. The in-depth coaching is being done for the core subjects in advance to face the upcoming classes (at their schools) with full confidence**


*The Tamil Nadu State Board and CBSE curriculum are taught in advance to the students
*Systematically planned tuition classes covering 25% of the prescribed syllabus
*Continuity of the syllabus will acquire after schools reopen
*Intended to keep the students (X, XI, XII) engaged during the summer holidays
*Builds and lays a strong foundation and make them confident to face the main and entrance Exams
*HiKKE mainly focuses only for Professional Medical, Engineering and Career courses
*Restricted to core subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths only

HiKKE’s Summer Tuition / Summer Foundation

I’d like to thank HiKKE’s Faculties for imparting their wonderful study techniques and knowledge to my son with patience, encouragements, academic expertise and interesting coaching.
Mr. Santhana Raj  (Admin, Hikke Academy, India)

Special Features

  • All students (State Board, CBSE, IGCSE) are Eligible
  • Highly qualified Tutors
  • Highly affordable Fees
  • Applicable to Year 2019 - 2020 batches
  • Expertised Coaching