Early Foundation for students aiming to get into Med/Engg

**HiKKE’s Summer Tuition Program builds strong academic foundation for those students going to Class X, XI, XII aspiring to take the entrance to professional courses in Medicine and Engineering. The in-depth coaching is being done for the core subjects in advance to face the upcoming classes (at their schools) with full confidence**


*The Tamil Nadu State Board and CBSE curriculum are taught in advance to the students
*Systematically planned tuition classes covering 25% of the prescribed syllabus
*Continuity of the syllabus will acquire after schools reopen
*Intended to keep the students (X, XI, XII) engaged during the summer holidays
*Builds and lays a strong foundation and make them confident to face the main and entrance Exams
*HiKKE mainly focuses only for Professional Medical, Engineering and Career courses
*Restricted to core subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths only

"HiKKE’s Summer Tuition / Summer Foundation

I’d like to thank HiKKE’s Faculties for imparting their wonderful study techniques and knowledge to my son with patience, encouragements, academic expertise and interesting coaching." ----- Mr. Santhana Raj (Admin, Hikke Academy, India)

Special Features

  • All students (State Board, CBSE, IGCSE) are Eligible
  • Highly qualified Tutors
  • Highly affordable Fees
  • Applicable to Year 2019 - 2020 batches
  • Expertised Coaching